Activism Preparedness

FTI Consulting helps to even the odds for you

FTI Consulting works alongside clients to identify corporate vulnerabilities, using the FTI Activism Vulnerability Screener, and develop avenues for value creation. Utilizing our professionals’ diverse backgrounds and expertise, we provide differentiated data and insights that go beyond the typical scope of a preparedness analysis. Our work augments the client’s own capabilities with the goal of empowering a proactive, not reactive, decision-making process.

Activist investors have a “first-mover” advantage over their target when initiating a campaign. Advance preparation helps neutralize this edge and level the playing field.

How a company manages its initial response is crucial to a successful defense. A well-organized and targeted first response can inspire the confidence of external stakeholders and immediately diminish the investor’s advantage, while a hasty response can send negative signals to those same parties and create additional headwinds for the company.

Our Tactical Preparedness Framework is Designed to Position Clients for Success

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